NAIFA Member Spotlight

By Vivian L. Huang,

Congratulations to our Senior Principal, Ken Samuelson, on being recognized for his work and membership with the National Association of Insurance & Financial Advisors in North Carolina (NAIFA NC). Please take a moment to read Ken’s interview and join us as we celebrate one of our very own.

Why is political involvement important as an industry professional?

“Our products and services are not well understood by the public, which is why life insurance is “sold to” not “bought by” the consumer. It takes professionalism to help clients understand the need for and application of our products to enhance their financial security. It should be no surprise that members of Congress at the local, state, and national level do not really understand our products nor why it is important to maintain the current regulatory and tax regime. One of the most important tasks for us to do is to help elected officials in Congress to understand and appreciate the role that life insurance plays in the financial stability of families and to be active advocates of our industry on Capitol Hill.”

The world and our industry are dramatically changing. How do you think about change?

“Change always presents opportunity, whether to improve and grow as an individual, or to invent new ways to serve our clients. Covid is showing us this in big ways. Those who are resilient and have an attitude of innovation and adaptation will thrive whenever there is change, even in something as dramatic as the circumstances we now find ourselves in. People have life insurance because they love somebody or something, and no matter what happens in the future, there will always be love, which is the chief motivator for our products. That means our future is bright no matter what our circumstances.”

What business advice would you go back to give yourself 20 years ago?

“Relax and enjoy this business. It is a great adventure and a wonderful way to meet, know, and serve others. Good results inevitably come from serving others and showing them how to accomplish their priorities with our products. And take full advantage of the flexibility that our business affords to enjoy many other benefits of living that have nothing to do with work.”

Vivian Huang

By Vivian L. Huang

Director of Case Design and Business Development

(704) 334-2700 ext 307

Vivian Huang is a graduate of UNC Chapel Hill’s Kenan-Flager Business School and brings over 15 years of experience in life insurance policy evaluation and case design for high-net-worth clients and closely-held businesses.
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