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We look at life insurance as a means of addressing our clients’ financial needs – both now and in the future. Although we are able to provide life insurance policies, we believe that our focus on delivering a comprehensive plan sets us apart from typical insurance brokers.

We implement insurance strategies that deliver tangible results for our clients.
A comprehensive plan.
Delivering a comprehensive insurance strategy requires a detailed knowledge of life insurance, as well as a broader understanding of how it fits into the client's overall wealth strategy. We take the time to understand each client's current facts as well as their goals for the future. We then design customized insurance plans that support and align with their goals. We also perform ongoing annual reviews of our plan to ensure it continues to be in alignment as those goals grow and change over time.
A collaborative effort.
We believe that effective inter-generational wealth planning takes more than just one specialized professional – it takes a team of professionals, each working within their area of experience to achieve the client’s goals. In fact, our business relies on that collaboration, and we consistently work side by side with attorneys, CPAs, trustees and wealth managers who entrust us with their clients' life insurance needs. We deliver the appropriate insurance solution and we work to facilitate communication to ultimately help enhance the effectiveness of the team.
A process that helps build confidence.
We work exclusively with affluent families, business owners, and their professional advisory teams. Our experience with these clients has given us an understanding of the specific challenges and concerns they face. The Life Insurance Confidence System® is designed to help us objectively and creatively address those needs while making sure our clients understand and are comfortable with our recommendations. Our process helps them to be confident that their insurance structures are continually working in concert with the overall wealth plan.